Thursday, February 26, 2009


Random isn't really Random, is it?

What do i need?
1. Peace of Mind.
2. Loads of money so that i can achieve (1).
3. To forever live with my underwater relatives.
...unfortunately all of the above elude me.

Not Need
What do i not need?
1. Irritation and Frustration.
2. Crap colleagues who never think of/for others, leading to (1).
3. To be a workaholic.
...unfortunately these are inscribed on my forehead, my arms, my ass, my legs, my... etc.

Sun and Sea
Will be out today... with the beautiful sun and endless sea all around.

If it's a birthday, but not a happy birthday, do you still wish "Happy Birthday"? Or do you just wish "Birthday"? If it's an anniversary, but not a happy anniversary, do you still wish "Happy Anniversary"? Or do you just wish "Anniversary"?

When is enough, enough? How do you know when to hedge your losses, punch out, start uncertain but new? When is it time to speak out and attempt to set things right, or should you ever speak out? Mutiny maybe? We'll see... we'll see.

Best Job
You think? I can only hope. Even so, the obstacle isn't in getting the job, the obstacle is in being able to accept the job. You think? I can only hope.

I just had to plug this in somewhere.

Random isn't really Random, is it?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Best Job in the World"

Remember my previous post on the "Best Job in the World"?
I've just submitted my video!

Selection Process/Timeline?
2 Jan: Application opened.
22 Feb: Application closes and Tourism Queensland (TQ) will select 50 top applications.
2 Mar - 2 Apr: The 50 selected candidates will be displayed on Their Website. The 50 selected candidates will have to submit a (300-500 word) writeup to reinforce their application, and TQ will shortlist 10. Also, during this one month the public can vote for their favourite and the candidate with the most votes will get the Wild Card 11th shortlisted position.
2 Apr: The 11 candidates (top 10 selected by TQ and 1 by Wild Card) will be notified of interview selection.
3-6 May: The selected 11 will travel to Queensland for a formal interview, and participate in activites such as Team Challenges, Physical, Skill-based and Aptitude Tests.
6 May: Successful candidate will be announced.
1 Jul: "Best Job in the World" will commence.

Vote for Daniel!

...will you support Daniel?
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YouTube Video Link ...if you can't view the Official Video.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scuba Dive Lembeh, 24-31 Jan 09

Lembeh Straits, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Stayed at Lembeh Resort, on Lembeh Island itself.
Enjoyed 17 Day dives and 5 Night dives, all Nitrox dives.
Maximum Dive Time 93minutes, Maximum Depth 26m.
Number of mosquito bites: 25 (approximate)
Number of steps from dining area to cottage: 65 (exact)

Enjoy these photos of Lembeh's interesting critters!

Flamboyant CuttlefishHairy Octopus
Peacock Mantis ShrimpMimic Octopus
Bargibanti Pygmy SeahorseEmperor Shrimp on Nudibranch
Spiney DevilfishHUGE Flounder
Mating MandarinfishHelmut Gurnard

Awaiting the Malaysia dive season to open!!!

Interested in learning diving? Going diving at Pulau Aur? Let me know and we'll go explore the wonderful underwater world together!
...since 14 April 2005