Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hide and Seek.

by Imogen Heap
Where are we? What the hell is going on?
The dust has only just began to fall
Crop circles in the carpet, sinking, feeling
Spin me around again and rub my eyes
This can't be happening
When busy streets a mess with people would stop to

Hold their heads heavy

Hide and seek
Trains and sewing machines?
All those years they were here first

Oily marks appear on walls
Where pleasure moments hung before
The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this
Still alive

Hide and seek
Trains and sewing machines?

Oh, you won't catch me around here
Blood and tears they were here first

Mm... what you say
Oh that you only meant well, well of course you did
Mm... what you say
Mm... that it's all for the best, of course it is
Mm... what you say
That IT'S JUST what we need, you decided this
Mm... what you say
What did she say?

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
Speak no feeling no i don't believe you
You don't care a bit you don't care a bit

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
Speak no feeling no i don't believe you
You don't care a bit you don't care a bit

You don't care a bit
You don't care a bit
You don't care a bit
You don't care a bit

You don't care a bit

Hide and Seek premiered on the season finale of theOC's season2:
A minimalistic song with almost no instruments.
A sad song with only the digitalised vocals of Imogen Heap.
A meaningful number with no specific explicit meaning.
A beautiful song about what you want it to mean to you;
about being hurt, about betrayal, about leaving and being left...

I should mention that this will stay on my favorites for a long time...

Mushrooms and Mud Pie

Supposed to collect 2 pairs of pants from the tailor - closed.
Supposed to go fish shop - closed early today.
Supposed to go back to rest/relax - went out for dinner/supper.
Supposed to... but did not.

Instead i met up with Whimsical:
unplanned company, fattening dinner, sinful supper, alocholed a little, walked a lot.

Walked from Cityhall to OneFullerton for Baker's Inn dinner (Mushroom something and a can of Kilkenny), then to Suntec for dessert (Tiramisu Mudpie and a Mocha+IceCream). I can already feel the fat starting to form... But thanx Whimsical for the company, and the dinner. =)

I should mention that today was the first time face-to-face with Whimsical...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Overnight Slumber Party!

Dank attended his first Overnight Slumber Party in a long long long time...
Ok so maybe it wasn't a party, but it sure was overnight and there was some slumber.

A senior colleague stayed over to watch over the office last night, with Dank in tow as an understudy (learn the ropes). "Watching over" meant: Conduct a fire drill (or two) to ensure the security guard(s) know how to tackle a fire in an emergency, make sure no one steals the tables and chairs and stationary, make sure terrorists don't plant bombs in the kichenette and toilets, ensure the security guard is awake to prevent unauthorised entry into the office, etc.

Nothing eventful last night: conducted fire drill, walked around the office for security checks, slept 3 hours, woke up to walk around again to make sure everything is in order, slept another 3 hours, handed over to the next guy then Dank left.

He got back to his room today and found out that there was a blog pub session last night...! Darn Dank would've wanted to be there, or did he? Anyway he wasn't there 'cos he was watching over his office and the assets of the company; sacrifice the pub session for a "greater good". Yeah right.

He should mention he misses being online...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

3-part Ladies' O Guide

For the ladies, three parts towards attaining the ultimate O by SillyCelly.

Part1: The Right Member
"So, how do you predict the ideal member? Ok, let's make it slightly clearer, How do you predict the size of a bloke's genitalia?"
Part2: The Right Member for the G
"This Auntie's guide will discus the importance of length , diameter and shape to hit G and go GA GA GA GA...&^*$$^!!The various members' statistics which are widely available are..."
Part3: Guide to O-Heaven
"For those who haven't felt it before. This is a must read.There are 3 things which need to be controlled for the girls to reach big O."

...all taken from SillyCelly's 3-part guide for ladies, excerpts and direct links found here.

I should mention that i hope you ladies learn a thing or two, and enjoy...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Dank's settled. He was today assigned a desk. Somewhere to finally lay out his personal stationary, somewhere to finally call his second home.

Tomorrow he'll go for a nice dinner at Paulaner Bräuhaus with his new colleagues, a dinner treat from the new boss. Hope to enjoy good conversation with them.

Dank should mention he's happy to finally be settled though it's not his preference...

The Feeling

I should mention that nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around...

Monday, May 23, 2005

D is for Davina

She doesn't like crowds;
She likes to take the escalator, not the lift.
Dank & Davina
She was looking around;
She was a little bored talking to Dank?
D is for Davina
She wanted a hot drink 'cos she had a cough;
She wanted green tea, not hot chocolate.
Teatime at Breeks
She is Davina... with the nice Nike watch.

Sunday afternoon, Dank had a late kway chap lunch while Davina watched. Then they walked around, chatted over tea/coffee at Breeks, fridge- and bag- and cookbook-shopped, then it was goodbye... Thanx D! Have fun shopping in Bangkok!

Dank should mention she's got the title "M.Sc. IS"...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Late Lunch, Late Dinner

Dank went for lunch with Jane today, finally, after 2 months of trying to fix a lunch appointment...

CafeCartel at PlazaSingapura for a late lunch at 1515H, Jane didn't want her photo taken, "next time, next time", so Dank could do no more than take her finished plate of Mushroom and Chicken Macaroni, the cup of water she drank from, and a bit of her hand at the back. She wouldn't even allow him to take a photo of her from the back!
Jane's Lunch

After lunch Jane accompanied Dank for a duffel bag look-around, then we went our separate ways...

Late Dinner
Dank didn't really feel like going clubbing but Tommy said he had invites and was going alone, so Dank had to go accompany Tommy. Hungry was he, so he bought two Tempura Chicken burgers from TiongBahru Mac's for a late dinner at 2220H when changing bus en route to Zouk.

Met up with Tommy and his friend Kyla, and her two friends ChuRu and Gen, then entered an almost empty (at 2245H). Met Tommy's sister and her husband, waited for 1-for-1 to buy still-exorbitantly priced drinks. Half hour later Juliana entered Zouk with her kickboxing friend WanWen.

The rest of the night was nothing special. Not many drinks 'cos Dank's broke, got dragged onto the dancefloor by Tommy's sister, didn't want to disappoint her so he let himself be dragged. Left at 3am.

Boring entry this is. Note: not the events, just the entry.

Dank should mention he's hungry now...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Is EZ really easy?

2002: Singapore Bus Services and Trans-Island Bus Services claimed to have lost about $13 million yearly to commuters who did not pay the correct fare.

April 2002: $300 million ez-link system introduced to reduce lost revenue due to fare cheats and passengers who paid the wrong fares unintentionally.

July 2002: Error rates for bus rides (1.5% error, common reason being bus drivers forgetting to update fare stages) and MRT rides (0.5% error, due to technicalities) are revealed in parliament.

August 2004: $9 million Vehicle Location System (VLS) which uses satellite technology to track buses in order to automatically update bus fare stages is implemented, supposedly to reduce human error in fare stage updating.

May 2005: SBS Transit applied for a fare increase in line with the new formula recommended by the Fare Review Mechanism Committee, justified by rising costs due to wage increases, fuel prices and infrastructure costs.

"Buses and the not so ez-link", ChannelNewsAsia
"SBS Transit justifies fare hike on the basis of rising operating costs", ChannelNewsAsia

Yesterday's "Buses and the not so ez-link" article highlighted some concerns over the overcharging issue. Today i read in the Newpaper that 1700 people submitted claims for double deduction in April 2005 alone; 1700 claims submitted with probably many more unknowing of their double-deduction.

Overcharging Scenario 1: EZ-link card reader mode
1) You board the bus, you tap your EZ-link card, you hear the "dood".
2) The bus is crowded, you stand near the front of the bus.
3) You need to alight, you decide to alight by the front door.
4) You tap your EZ-link card, you hear the "dood". could have been double-deducted... IF.
If the bus driver did not switch the reader to "Entry/Exit" mode, the reader would be in the default "Entry only" mode, meaning the maximum fare at that stage is deducted again as you hear the "dood".

Overcharging Scenario 2: $9million loses the bus
1) You board the bus, you tap your EZ-link card, you hear the "dood".
2) The bus moves off, you take your seat/stand.
3) The $9million VLS system somehow loses track of the bus along the way.
4) The $9million VLS system re-acquires the bus along the way.
4) You need to alight, you alight by the back door.
5) You tap your EZ-link card, you hear the "dood". could have been double-deducted... IF.
if the $9million VLS sytem lost communication with the ez-link card reader along the way. According to SBS Transit, the "VLS system had lost communication with the ez-link card reader (in an instance), and subsequently updated the incorrect fare stage when communication was re-established, resulting in the (commuter) being overcharged."

What am i saying?
I'm just warning you, my dear readers, to be aware that such unfortunate deductions are very possible.

BUT... even if you notice incorrect fare deductions you might not want to reclaim the lost fare because it's simply too troublesome. Go check out the Customer Claim procedures to decide if it's worth the $0.30.

My opinion?
A minimum of $0.30 extra per person
x roughly 3000 people (guesstimate) per day double-deducted
x 30/31 days a month
= A LOT OF extra money a month...

Do we still need a fare increase?

I should mention this is simply an eye-opening entry...

Friday, May 20, 2005

Makeup.. Cheap and Quick

Ladies... how long do you take to put on your makeup?
30min if you're already late?
45min for work?
60min or more for the all-exciting first date?

Here's Dank's uneducated advice on basic (and cheap) makeup for ladies, ie: never entrust him with a stick of lipstick. Please pardon his ignorance in makeup, he's a guy with no experience with makeup.

What do you need?
A stick of red-coloured lipstick
A tube of black poster-colour.
A tube of silvery sprinkles, the gluey type you used in primary school.

How to apply?
Lips - Normal application of lipstick, no different from normal.
Cheeks - Grab a dollop of lipstick with two fingers (index & thumb), rub it a little to make it more fluid, apply to your cheeks with an appropriate amount: apply more for a redder cheek, apply lightly for a slight blush.
Eye Lashes - Squeeze out half a cm of black poster-colour onto your fingers (clean them after application of blusher or it will result in a red/black mix: maroon) and apply to your eye lashes with your fingers. Do not dilute the poster-colour with water as you would in painting, non-dilution will allow the hardening effect which you want to keep your eye lashes straight and long.
Sparkles - Need a little sparkle to look different and fabulous? The tube of silvery sparkles would do the trick. What's more the tube comes with glue for a quick-apply! Just squeeze out 1cm of it and spread over your face and you'll look like a million dollars (of silvery sparkles)!

...that's the basics to a cheap and quick makeup fix using only your fingers for application. Good thing Dank isn't tasked to do your makeup eh?

Having said that (bunch of crap) he does acknowledge the effort you ladies put into makeup; if not for the people she is with, at least for herself. Dank's fortunate not to need to spend money and time on makeup 'cos he's a guy.
-sigh of relief-

This entry was inspired by Whimsical (can't remember the conversation a few days ago but it had to do with makeup) and Sandralicious (who said her "before" and "after" makeup look was very different).

Dank should mention THE LONG WEEKEND IS HERE...

Lunch w/Ronnie & Clement

Had lunch with two ex-colleagues, Ronnie and Clement, today at YMCA where Ronnie currently works. We ate at The Y Cafe (4th floor, YMCA)... reasonably priced food which tasted average. I'm not a fan of food so everything is edible. =)

Didn't remember to take a photo of the three of us, but was able to get Clement on camera. Not bad looking eh? He's always hanging out with his guy friends (as opposed to hanging out with his lady friends), or so he says...
Dank & Clement
On the way back i was real bored and attempted to take some crap shots of my reflection, very blur but you get the idea...
Dank's Reflection

Going for Lifesaving training in awhile, i'll try to get some shots of us training so that you'll be able to understand what lifesaving training is all about, you want?

I should mention i spent an hour slacking in a nice fish shop today...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dinner w/Yiming

Went to Singapore Expo today to look/see around an exhibition and met Yiming working there... she was supposed to serve drinks to trade visitors who were interested in the products at that booth, and she said the pay was real good!

Since Dank had no plans he asked Yiming to dinner, then waited half an hour for her to finish work. Took a shuttle bus to Mariott then went up Lido to see if there were any movies to catch: none besides Star Wars which she had promised to watch with her other friends.

Yiming wasn't hungry, so Dank decided to have a BK student's meal (again) while [left photo] she drank a barley and [right photo] pondered about her future employment.
Yiming w/straw Yiming Thinking
After dinner, Dank went to buy something from Popular at Orchard MRT then [left photo] up the escalator and onto the bus back, at 1930H. [right photo] Major road works at the Computer Science faculty in NUS... still can't figure what's the purpose: raising the road to prevent water log?
Dank & Yiming Road Works

That was the end of a tiring week... now to look ahead to a super duper long weekend (Fryday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) again. Time for Dank to catch up on sleep and hope (hope hope hope) he doesn't get phoned and assigned a desk and told to report for work.

Dank should mention he needs to buy a dark-blue jacket for work...

Room for Rent

Behind Singtel Comcentre (Devonshire Road);
4min walk from Somerset MRT station;
2min walk from NTUC and coffeeshop and 2 pubs;
Single room 30sq metres;
Attached bathroom shared with another single room;
Cupboard, Single bed, Chair, Table;
Central aircon, Washing machine, Fridge, Fully equipped kitchen;
$375/mth, Electricity/Water/Internet cost shared by 9 people;
6months contract.

Left photo: View of the entrance, from inside the room.
Right photo: View of the room, from the toilet entrance.
Toilet View3 Room View2
Left photo: View of the left of the toilet; shower, bowl.
Right photo: View of middle of toilet; half a bowl, sink/mirror.
Toilet View1 Toilet View2
Left photo: View of the other room sharing the toilet.
Right photo: View of the target room from the toilet.
Toilet View3 Room View1
Future toilet-sharing mate, Justin.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Brazilian, anyone?

What is a Brazilian Wax?
What is it like to be Brazilian Waxed?

"It hurts like nothing you can imagine but the pain is over in a few seconds. But the aftermath is so marvelous that almost all women get hooked and return for more. Oddly enough, the same is also described of childbirth."

...taken from "When is a brazilian not a foreigner?" by faith.

I should mention that a Brazilian Wax sounds sexy to me...

You Want Me?

Note: I am NOT writing this to ask for your pity or sympathy.
Just read to know me and understand my life (my point of view).

Thoughts running through my mind:
Was this morning's post "All Tangled Up" a warning of what was to happen? I was wondering as i sat in the cab back 15min ago.
Sometimes you just feel lonely and left out. You do, sometimes.. right?
Most times i feel lonely and left out. More so today...

Day 1-4 (Mon-Thu)
Monday (last week) i was back at work, i was assigned to a department but not a specific desk, and told to come back the next day.
Tuesday i went back only to find the assigning in-charge unavailable until Thursday night, so i (and my newly posted colleague) decided to make the most of Wednesday and Thursday by attaching ourselves to another department to learn some stuff, and we did; learnt quite a bit actually, and we were proud of ourselves for doing something instead of slacking.
Thursday night i called the assigning in-charge, he said "come back on Monday".

Day 5-7 (Fry-Sun)
Fryday morning i got a surprise call from some guy in the department telling me "ok, you're assigned to this desk". I was elated 'cos it was a good desk! Then the rest of Fryday, Saturday and Sunday was a sort-of relaxed weekend for me.

Day 8-9 (Mon-Tue)
Monday morning i went for job training, and was told by the assigning in-charge "your desk not confirmed yet"; wonderful news which left me hanging again.
Tuesday morning went for job training again, and was told "ok, you're assigned to this desk". I was ok with that desk: at least it was a desk, although one i specifically said i didn't prefer 'cos that desk was in another location and i didn't have the car/money to make the frequent trips between locations. -shrug- having a desk better than no desk. Tuesday night i SMSed my desk boss to ask "you want me to report to office, or report to my desk?"... no reply, so i decided to report to the office since desk boss would be there and i can ask him in person what i'm supposed to do.

Today (Wed)
This morning took a lift from a colleague to office... sat in the staff lounge and read through some job training notes and waited. And waited. 930am desk boss told me "you're definitely not going to be assigned that desk (which was previously assigned)". Hanging again...?! A minute later the assigning in-charge called to say he'll give me a definite desk assignment by Fryday.
I took my stuff, and caught a cab back.

Now i'm left hanging, again. I'm feeling unwanted, even in work. Great feeling eh? I think the only thing worse than being out of a job or being bogged and crumpled under tonnes of work is having a job but be left stranded. This situation is probably not my fault, or a dozen other excuses i could think of, but the feeling remains within.

Ironic that i took this photo yesterday?
It feels a little like this:
raining, cold, in a jam, and the light is always red...

Does anyone have any good movies to recommend? Your recommendation is not an indication that you have to watch it with me, so please recommend without worry that i'll ask you out to watch it.

I should mention the mood isn't great...

All tangled up

In a bit of a rut, he is,
With no one in sight and no one beside,
Feeling scared yet knowing he's always on your mind,
But never knowing when he'll matter or if peace he'll find.
There's plenty around with whom to speak, to greet,
However there are few with whom to actually meet;
Kin in three months: no speak, no greet,
Knowingly he does not want to actually meet.
Muscles crying out and with a heavy heart,
Peace within and he are so far apart;
The pride, a dilemma and aloneness his,
In a bit of a rut, he is.

He should mention he's crawling through each day as they pass...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Brownie Pts, Helpfulness, Self-Confidence.. and I

I open my mouth too much, especially unnecessarily. Why?
To earn brownie points with the superiors? "I know the answer leh!"
To help out a colleague answer when he's stuck? "I help you okay!"
To increase self confidence 'cos i know? "I smart you know!"

Last week, while out there, i tried to answer a question from my superior which was meant for a colleague. A superior (but not as THE superior) chided me and said "you don't get extra points". I was lost for words... he was right, the question was directed at him, not me.

Today it happened again, but in another situation.

I was supposed to be a "dumb" boss, taking recommendations/suggestions without having to process the consequences, as simple as that. Did i? No. I gave him my point of view, asked him prompting questions on how best to read the situation and a counter-recommendation of my own. At the end of the exercise i reflected and realised i spoke too much.

Do you speak too much to earn points, to help out, or to boost your self-confidence?

I should mention i hate this feeling of speaking when i'm not supposed to...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

My New Nano Tank

Yesterday Dank was an hour late because he went fish tank accessories shopping right? Well here's what he bought which resulted in him being late, together with some other stuff that he originally had in his room...

Left photo: Mini hang-on filter to remove dirt, bought yesterday
Right photo: 3 pieces of rocks for the aquascape, bought yesterday
Mini Hang-on Filter Just granite rocks
Left photo: Foreground aquatic plant, bought yesterday
Right photo: Mini Curved-glass Fish Tank
Plant name: Echinodorous Tenellus Size: 22cm x 14cm x 16cm, 5 litres
Left photo: Reddish-brown Gravel used as the base
Right photo: Root Monster Fertiliser for healthy aquatic plant growth
Substrate of the nano tank Inserted into the substrate for the roots of the plants to reach
Left photo: 7W Light for plant growth and visual enhancement
9W Clip-on Light

Are all these stuff necessary? They look so plain and boring...
Well you're absolutely correct if you look at them individually. However if you put them together beautifully and allow them to co-exist, the result is an aesthetically pleasing fish tank; the end feeling is satisfying.

Dank spent an hour cleaning the stuff last night in preparation for today's setting up, and spent an hour today putting them all together. Following is his experience to share with you...

My process of creating a Nano Tank
Step 1) Clean the stuff
Wash the fish tank, gravel, rocks, filter to remove dirt and stuff that you don't want in a fish tank. Scrub with an old toothbrush if you have to, but do NOT use soap (unwashed soap residue will kill the fish in the future).
Step 2) Gravel
Cover the bottom of the tank with a small layer of gravel, then sprinkle two pieces of crushed Root Monster Fertiliser on top of this layer. The Root Monster is crushed because inserting the whole piece into such a small tank is not feasible (it will protrude from the gravel because the height is taller than the depth of the gravel) and crushing/spreading is more suitable. Then finish up this setp by pouring in the rest of the gravel required to cover the fertiliser, to enable stable positioning of the rocks, and to allow necessary substrate depth for the rooting of the plants.
Gravel with Root Fertiliser
Step 3) Insert the Rocks
Place them gently taking care not to scratch the glass walls. Arrange them into your preferred artistic position.
Step 4) Half-fill with Water
Gently and deliberately add water to the tank, taking care not to splash and disturb the gravel which will cause the fertiliser to escape. Make use of the rocks to allow the water to trickle down. Step 5) Plant the plants
Using a pair of tweezers push the root bud deep, then half pull upwards to allow the roots to face downwards where they will draw their nutrients from the fertiliser previously inserted. Insert each plantlet one at a time, spacing them 2-3cm apart.
Step 6) Full-fill with Water
Similar to step 4, fill the tank with water to 1-2cm below overflowing.
Step 7) Add the Filter and Lights
Hang on the filter in a suitable position ensuring the outlet flow allows for maximum water circulation around the tank. Add the light ensuring the places which require light (position of plants) get adequate illumination.
Step 8) Placement of Completed Fish Tank
Place your fish tank in a nice place where you will be able to appreciate and enjoy its beauty...
5Litre Fish Tank

Why no Fish?
Do not add fish immediately after setting up the fish tank because the water is not yet cycled. Cycling a fish tank means to allow beneficial bacteria (bb) to grow and the water to be aged. A stable level of beneficial bacteria is required because they will remove toxic nitrates and nitrates from the water. With fish in the tank but without the bb you will have to change the water every 2-3 days in order to maintain tolerable levels of poisonous nitrites and nitrates, and the water changes will heavily stress the fishes (fluctuation in water parameters with the changing of water). Fish and shrimps should normally be added after 2 weeks.

Dank hopes this entry has given you an educating insight into a simple planted tank. For more information please feel free to contact him. =)

Dank should mention he loves planted aquaria, a lot...

Your Target Audience

You have a blog and you update it regularly.
Who is your Target Audience?

Do you blog... a form of talking to yourself? accomplish a lifelong dream? fulfil a family legacy? expand your social circle? search of new drinking/clubbing buddies? want of finding friends to share problems with? hope of chancing upon a life partner? aspiration of blogosphere fame? dream of the status of worldwide celebrity?

Why i blog...
I blog about the stuff that happens in my life, as well as others' articles i read and find worthwhile/amusing to share with you, my audience. What is my blogging purpose? I admit i want to keep my friends (friends?) updated as to the happenings in my life, but what do i want my readers to feel/think of me? Are they to take any action after reading my entries?

I suppose i just want people to know me, but it is a contradiction because what i pen online is not exactly as thought. You don't always say what you want without usually having an underlying meaning... do you? It's the same on my side. As complicated and confusing as it seems, it's true.

I should mention i don't yet know my true blogging purpose...

You Have Car?

According to Paul, the reason why the Singaporean boyfriend is nowadays the driver is because the car is used by the guy "to get into the girl's pants in the first place". You think?

"I sometimes think that there must a population of Singaporean men who just roam the expressways in their cars, waiting for their girlfriends to call them for a lift. It's uncanny how some of my girlfriends can hang out at one place, be fetched by their boyfriends to another, but boyfriends leaves again once his role of chauffeur is over."

...taken from "The Singaporean Boyfriend Cabdriver" by Paul in Writer's Block.

You agree?
If you're a guy and you don't have a car, this could be the reason.
If you're a guy and you do have a car...

I should mention. I really should...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dinner & Gelato w/Jiayan

Dank has a confession: he was an hour late. No excuses, he was fish tank accessories shopping in order for Koktiong to transport it back to hostel. Fish tank shopping isn't easy ok!

Anyway after Jiayan died of hunger, Dank and Jiayan went into Takashimaya's Food Village for dinner.

Left photo: Jiayan had some noodles thing Dank said someone recommended (was it Kristin?), and he had Vietnamese food...
Right photo: Jiayan ate very little for dinner 'cos she said "saving my stomache for Venezia Ice Cream!", which was highly recommended by her friend, and which Dank was paying for because he was an hour late... no choice right? After dinner we checked out Venezia and we saw the ice cream stand had an incredible queue! Got free gifts or what?!
Vietnamese Food and Noodle thing w/Egg There's a queue at Venezia!
Left photo: We realised the tubs at the counter looked real appealing... many many yummy flavors!
Right photo: Rum & Raisin, Tiramisu, Mango, Chocolate w/nuts inside...
Venezia Counter at Takashimaya Two Venezia size2 Cups
Left photo: Jiayan's really enjoying her ice cream treat. She said she ate ice cream every single day while she was in Philadelphia, and she lost weight?!
Right photo: Dank & Jiayan and yummy yummy...
Jiayan and her Gelato Dank & Jiayan
Thanx Jiayan for accompanying the Stupid Man for dinner (and free ice cream), and apologies again for making you wait for him (and for putting your pictures with you wearing your glasses)! But you got to buy your nice not-so-pink pink bag, and free ice cream, right? =P

Oh before Dank forgets... she wanted him to put this quote for her:
She's "Single and Available". Serious! She told him to do so at the bus stop. "Single and NOT Available".

...and one more thing: Dank thinks Jennifer and Sandra would definitely love Venezia if not for the gelato then at least for the cute PINK spatula/spoon... yes? Dank purposely washed it and brought it back for a nice photo shoot...
Venezia Gelato Spatula

On the way to the bus stop Dank bought 4pcs of pastry from CrystalJadeCakery (20% off!) and 2pcs from BreadTalk (he felt greedy), $8 stock up for a Sunday in... anyone wants one?

Dank should mention he's not usually late...

NUS Floorball 3-on-3

On a super cosy rainy and cool morning i had to drag myself out of bed and to the NUS Floorball 3-on-3 competition at 745am...

I shall summarise the happenings to prevent you from reading boredom, as well as include pictures from the competition.

Our Team Name: "3 Guys and a Boy Wonder"
14 guy teams split into two leagues, top two teams enter the Semis.
We Played 6 games: Won 2, Drew 2, Lost 2.
But we didn't qualify, we finished 5th in our league of 7 teams.
I was top scorer of our team with 4 goals! =)

We were really frustrated at a particular team beacuse they won us using illegitimate tactics (one of them barging us down with his big fat body, holding our sticks, stepping into the kris, etc) and they got through to the finals. However we were happy for having been the only team to win the eventual champions, with the winning goal scored by yours truly. -Big sMiLe- In my previous floorball career (2 years ago) i never scored any goals at all, but this goal was only possible because of the hard work of the team. Pictures, anyone?

Left photo: Face off between the teams.
Right photo: The (really cute) ladies play Floorball too...
Floorball Face-off Ladies' match
Left photo: This is how 3-on-3 Floorball looks like.
Right photo: Our team "3 Guys and a Boy Wonder"
Everyone Enjoys Floorball... Dank, Chinling (Boy Wonder), Jiale, Faizal
Left photo: Dank faces off in the second match of the day, drawing 3-3.
Right photo: We pose for an in-game photo just after we scored a goal.
Dank Faces Off In-Game photo
Left photo: Dank was given a "good job" stick tap for scoring a goal.
Right photo: "3 Guys and a Boy Wonder" playing "Incomplete", the eventual champions of the 3-on-3 competition.
Goal Congratulations We needed to be disciplined and tight in defence
Left photo: "Incomplete" won all their other matches in the competition...
Right photo: The only team who won the eventual champions 1-0, goal courtesy of Dank with great assist from Jiale, aided by wonderful defending by Faizal and a little inexperienced harassing by Chinling (the Boy Wonder).
Smile on our faces... 3 Guys and a Boy Wonder

What is Floorball?
It is a game slightly similar to Ice Hockey. Briefly... The playing court is enclosed, a floorball stick is used (the blade can be hooked to the player's preference), with 6 players a side including a goalkeeper.
To find out more, visit the Int'l Floorball Federation site:

Oh one more point to add, most of those ladies playing floorball were real cute! I was distracted very much of the time...
Good looking + fit enough for floorball = Yummy! =p

I should mention it was good to enjoy floorball again after 2 years...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Fryday the 13th

It is today Fryday the 13th, you know?

Sequence of Events (last 20hrs)
2200H I called to inform we'll be reporting for work on Fryday
2202H Told to report for work on Monday instead
2203H Decide whether or not to go clubbing
2330H ...still undecided...
0200H Sleep
0905H Phone call informing of probable Liaison duty next week
1130H Phone call informing of department assignment
1230H Invited by a friend to join a Floorball competition tomorrow
1330H Lunch at YIH
1500H Clear up 2nd fish tank: remove shrimps, wash, scrub, wipe
1545H Sprinkle fertilise-mixed fish tank gravel on dead grass patch
1700H Admin running around to verify CCA records
1800H Blog this entry
That's my mundane day...

Where to stay?
Through the day i did think about where i'll stay when my hostel stay expires in July but i really have no answer. Anyone has a spare room, or a spare corner of the house, any space at all, to let? Preferably in the Central/West area of Singapore 'cos i'll be working in the West for the next 2 years at least.

Where am i?
Also today i got a phonecall from a family friend asking why she hasn't seen me in recent months, i didn't give a definite answer 'cos i didn't want to say "i just don't want to go home so you won't be seeing me anywhere near home". She also asked if we could meet up but i told her my work schedule wasn't fixed and some other lame excuses 'cos i didn't want to say "no i don't want to meet and talk with you". Am i such a coward? Probably in that area of my life, yes.

The pessimist, i...
I've been thinking also: why am i apprehensive about how my training will be? I reasoned that i shouldn't be 'cos hundreds of others have gone before me and completed it, why should i be afraid? Truth is i'm a pessimist and low on self confidence; i always look down on myself. It's true. I try to be positive, but it's just not me. Don't know if you can help me 'cos it's an internal thing... you'll definitely give me advice and remind me again and again, but it's still a psychological tihng. Thanx for wanting to try anyway.

What's up henceforth till Monday?
1930H Lifesaving training at the pool
2230H Floorball hit-around in hostel
0830H Floorball Competition in NUS
1500H onwards nothing else

I should mention i would like to go out with you...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

PMS: It's (not) only about the ladies

Ladies... you have the once-a-month thing, you have PMS.
Gentlemen... we have the once-a-month thing, we have PMS.

Your PMS: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Our PMS: Poor Man Suffering (according to kennysia)

He disclaims: "Lashing out against women, I am not. More like crying foul at the uhh... "injustices" myself and boyfriends around the world are facing."

It is ONLY you, or is it?

"Why ar? Why do women have to abuse their boyfriends so harshly they're having their period? I mean, its none of OUR business you're having your period bah! Its not our fault you're constructed that way. We can't change that. You think we want you to bleed every month ar?"

...taken from "PMS = Poor Man Suffering" by kenny.

I should mention PMS is dangerous for some men, safe for others...

Out to see...

I went out yesterday... out yesterday to see...
to see the ships sailing by, to see the horizon in the distance, to see the sun rise and set where the sky meets the water, to see 1/3 of the world's oil passing through, to see the sea...

33hrs at sea i was, and a fulfilling one too because of the chance at a refresher after 2 years of inactivity.

-begin news flash-
I have no work tomorrow!!! Called up the officer in charge of us (another finish-studying colleague) 5min ago and he said "meet you on Monday". Happy? Very.
-end news flash-

Anyway... that's that, my last two days of non-blogging. I'm very touched to have seen one tag mentioning i've been missed, and one tag asking for an update of entries. You miss me, or miss my blogging?

So yeah, if you're reading my blog, are my friend, and you're free this weekend to have a meal with me or a movie or something before i'm actually fully absorbed (involuntarily) in work, CALL/EMAIL/MSN to ask me out... please?

I should mention i deliberately kept my job description and work-related happenings to a minimum...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Lifesaving Training

The second half of today was good, and bad:
1) Drove half around S'pore to a fish shop, it's closed on Mondays.
2) Went to tailor to get uniform, tailor wrong waist size, redo.
3) Went to aother fish shop, spent 2hrs there, didn't buy anything.
In the end he came back, chatted a little online, then went for training.

Imagine oily, fried, unhealthy food... no wonder he looks like this:
Koktiong enjoying his unhealthy lunch.
...Dank can still feel the oil churning inside;
NOmoreKFC in a long long time;
makes the training today seem like overtime.

Today teamNUS Lifesaving conducted their first training session in preparation for the upcoming NUS Invitational Lifesaving and the National Lifesaving Championships in August. teamNUS Lifesaving is aiming to re-take their champions trophy they had held for 13 years before loaning it away for a year (2004/5). More trainings to come, we need to train hard...

Dank took over training from Sim today 'cos Sim was conducting training for the Singapore Lifesaving Team who are going to the Arafura Games 2005 on Thursday. Singapore's also being represented in other sports, although Dank doesn't know exactly which. Today being the first training in a long long time, we swam many many laps (ok not so many many, but it seemed like an endless swim for the unconditioned) and Dank's quite tired... coupled with the 2hrs of sleep last night, he's beaten.

Till the next time Dank gets back to his beloved laptop, his world of blogging/etc, and... you (read: "you" his friends).

Dank should mention he's ready to be deployed, anywhere...

Monday... still not yet

The time is 1230H and Dank's back in his hostel room. So early? Yes, half day.

Getting up:
0600H subconsciously disable alarm clock
0610H subconsciously disable 2nd alarm clock
0615H realise it's inevitable
0621H squint at the clock again
0625H finally drag himself out of bed to shower
0640H clothed and on his way...

0655H board MRT from Clementi
0740H board shuttle bus from Tanah Merah
0800H clear security, etc
0820H finally enter the office...

0850H fill in some forms
0915H powerpoint briefing on what we are to expect
0930H assignment into departments
0945H clarification of some details
1000H "ok, you can go to your departments tomorrow"

That's it. We went for a simple breakfast in the canteen, then a colleague gave us a lift back (one in Tampines, and Dank back to Clementi) on his way back to HollandV.

Boring entry from a boring half day. -yawn-
Dank's not complaining.

Dank should mention he only slept 2hrs last night...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday... the end

Pre-working life is officially over when i wake up at 0600H on Monday morning...

Pre-work Checklist (cont'd):
UNcheck - Sunday lunch/dinner.
Check - Movie.

2125H xXx2 at Cineleisure
Yes i went to Cineleisure, again, for the third time this week to catch a movie.
This time it was xXx2: a guy's bang bang show with lots of guns, rifles, tanks, fast cars, etc. I got warned "no pictures please" again, this time taking photos of the popcorn special.

Two Lemon Teas and a Mixed Popcorn please; That's Clare...
Special, really? Dank & Clare
Is that Koktiong? Heeren is purple at night...
It sure looks like Koktiong, especially with the clothes off! Heeren night shot
Dice alight, preparing for the IRs? That's me, i was driving (no hands)...
Dice alight in the car next door, on the way back Dank is shocked
If you didn't ask me out to a movie i'd be spending the night with some doctors on Scrubs (season2), thanx Clare!

Quite a rushed night: change, drive out, collect tickets, buy popcorn/drinks, watch show, drive back, post a final pre-work blog entry, shower, sleep...

Monday 0830H work.

I should mention i'm starting work in 9 hours...
...since 14 April 2005