Monday, March 31, 2008

Just me.

It's just me... and the things i've bought.

Thanx for everything.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Steps: Step 3

Purchase your equipment, bit by bit.
Take baby steps... Step 3, Bouyancy Compensator Device (BCD).

Deep Sea Supply; Kydex Back Plate BCD

Back ViewFront View, with Atomic SS1 and Storm Whistle

Yet another beauty.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scuba Dive at Pulau Perhentian, 20-23 Mar 08

A long weekend enticed us to endure the supposed 10 hour bus ride up to Terengganu... but the heightened security checks and a lost bus driver lengthened the ride to almost 13 hours!

We thought the diving would be perfect, but alas there was the indomitable Lion Dancer aka Sandstorm Trooper! But that was the topic of the trip and this trip will forever be remembered by it.

Diving at Perhentian was nice (on the second day) and we would return to the island some time in the future... if only for the dive sites Tokong Laut and Sugar Wreck.

Hazel, Canice, MayYing & Dank at Alu Alu Divers on Pulau PerhentianVery friendly Tiera Batfish followed us all around Shark Point
A Vortex of Black-fin BarracudaTawny Nurse Shark
A Handsome Hawksbill Turtle posing for this shotCleaner Shrimp precariously onboard the Reef Cuttlefish

Beware the Lion Dancer aka Sandstorm Troopers!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dank's Title Banner

I need some help... Which do you prefer?

School of Yellowtail Barracuda
School of Yellowtail Barracuda

Pygmy Seahorse
Pygmy Seahorse

School of Yellowtail Barracuda (Sepia)
School of Yellowtail Barracuda (Sepia Effect)

Help me choose one?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scuba Dive at Pulau Aur, 7-9 Mar 08

Realised i haven't updated on our first dive of the 2008 dive season!

We went to Pulau Aur on the opening weekend of the 2008 dive season, where the waters were choppy and seasickness visited some divers... but it was well worth it for our first taste of nitrogen for the year (at least for me)!

Congratulations also to the 9 Open Water Divers attained their qualifications! Not forgetting my very first Nitrox dives with with Nitrox32 and Nitrox 40; an enriching experience! Haha!

Here's the photos you've been waiting for...

Pool Session for the OWD learnersNight ferry from Mersing to Pulau Aur
OWD before their first open water experience!Practising their skills at sea
Nudibranch - Hypselodoris apolegmaSchool of Yellowtail Barracuda!
Up Close and Personal with the HawksbillA Birthday Girl doing the Snorkel

More Diving to come!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Baby Steps: Step 2

Purchase your equipment, bit by bit.
Take baby steps... Step 2, Regulator.

ScubaPro Mk25/S600; First/Second Stage
ScubaPro R190; Octopus
ScubaPro Compact 2-in-1; Gauge (Pressure/Depth)
Dank's Reg

What a beauty.
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