Monday, March 30, 2009

Scuba Dive P.Tioman, 27-29 Mar 09

Spent a weekend dive to Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, with NUS Dive Club (Dive Sub-Club Committee and OpenWater Students).
Where: Pulau Tioman, Malaysia
Stayed at: Island Reef Resort
Amount of pleasure: Lots
Number of fish: Extremely Plenty
Number of divers: Moderate
Visibility: Below Average (10-15m)

Enjoy the photos!
Open Water Students on the other Dive BoatTurtle aware but oblivious to our presence
Car Wreck at TumukFalse Anemonefish
Genting Beach at TiomanHappy Divers!

Next dive... Perhentian!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scuba Dive P.Aur, 13-15 Mar 09

My first Dive weekend (of the season) at Atlantis Bay Resort on Pulau Aur, Malaysia
Where: Pulau Aur, Malaysia
Stayed at: Atlantis Bay Resort
Amount of pleasure: Lots
Number of fish: Plenty
Number of divers: Moderate
Visibility: Average (15-20m)

TurtleFish safe in Jellyfish
Sea Cucumbers in their spawning danceNudibranch
Parrotfish asleep on a night diveORgy of Hermit Crabs

More dives to come! Next dive to Tioman with NUS Dive Sub-Club!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Singapore Biathlon 2009

1.5km Swim: 32min
Transition: 1min
10km Run: 1hr 1min
Total Time: 1hr 34min
-unofficial time as recorded by my personal watch-

Quite a few of my colleagues did the mini version (500m swim, 3km run), and i'm glad they dared to take up the challenge... good job guys and girl!

Not sure if anyone took my photo, will try to find some and post them up.

...fulfilled my exercise quota for the year, till next year's Singapore Biathlon. =)

Friday, March 06, 2009

"Best Job" Shortlist

There were 34,684 applicants from 200 countries for "the Best Job in the World" and 224 applicants were from Singapore.

50 candidates from 22 countries were shortlisted, with two from Singapore.

Dank was not one of the two from Singapore; he was not shortlisted.

Nevertheless, thank you for your support (if you did support), your encouragement and kind comments/feedback on my video, and your belief in me. Hope to see you underwater, whether with me on a dive trip or a chance meeting underwater, soon! =)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Scuba Dive P.Aur, 27 Feb - 1 Mar 09

First dive of the Malaysia dive season at Aur, onboard LOB Samudera Quest
Where: Pulau Aur, Malaysia
Stayed at: LOB Samudera Quest
Amount of pleasure: Lots
Number of fish: Plenty
Number of divers: Few
The Good: Good visibility (20-30m), healthy coral, Family of (8) Bumphead Parrotfish, Orgie of (8) Cuttlefish, 2 Eagle Rays, and lots of healthy fish.
The Bad: I didn't see the Eagle Rays...

Enjoy the photos!
Cuttlefish and Diver in a Face-OffHermit Crab
Humpback ScorpionfishLOB Samudera Quest and Happy Divers
False Anemonefish in AnemoneBumphead Parrotfish

Let the dive season begin!!! See you underwater soon! =)
...since 14 April 2005