Sunday, June 25, 2006


Dank "refers to someone who replies to their own post on an online forum posing as another person but forgetting to change their username" (

Have you ever done a Dank?

Oh by the way...
I'll be off to Bali this week (Wed - Sun) for a short break;
diving, shopping, relaxing.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

West for 6 months

I've decided: I will move as promised and stay until December, thereafter i will move to the East side. In the meantime i will scout for a place for December.

Please inform me if you come across anything available in December!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cupping in TCM

I said in my previous post that i was suffering some aches, thus i decided to proceed for some TCM remedy and headed to the nearby TCM clinic for some tender loving abuse. Those who've gone for such therapy would know the feeling of "tender loving abuse" yeah?

After 45min of pressing, kneading, and whole-bodyweight-elbowing, when the lady asked "do you want to do (some words which meant cupping, or so i thought)" in mandarin, my heart stopped a beat! I didn't intend for cupping treatment, so i tried saying i was meeting friends for dinner and would be late. But she said it would only take 10-15min, there was no extra charge, and it was going to benefit me. I could only agree right?

Cupping in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
"...Ignite the alcohol-soaked cotton ball and thrust into the jar... and very quickly thrust the jar onto the skin...".

Ouch? Yes, Ouch!

Well now i've been cupped; my flesh sucked into a small roundish glass cup, i'm round-circled-bruised on the upper back, and still aching from that soccer mini-match yesterday.
But i certainly feel "shiok" after that treatment.

You want to try?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I'm feeling aches and i don't know what to do;
1. Try to do something and risk aggravating the pain/ache, or
2. Just leave it alone and wait for the pain to abate.
Tell me?

In the meantime here's an update on the life of Dank:
Dank is busy.
Dank is working really hard.
Dank is getting little sleep.
Dank is tired.
Dank wants to go on a holiday but it seems possible the chance will elude him.
Dank is apprehensive of his impending move to his new place of residence, yet he wants to because it is a certainty.
Dank will be handing over his appointment in a month, undertake an upgrading course in August and assume a new appointment in October.
Dank lacks confidence.
Dank needs to learn more about man-management.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Workplace in Changi

Therefore i have to rent a place in the East. Any to recommend?

I'm looking for:
1) One Room
2) HDB/Condo/House
3) Aircon + Internet
4) Furnished: Bed + Cupboard + Desk + Chair + Others
5) Pleasant Housemate/s
6) Kallang/MarineParade/Siglap/Bedok/Simei/Tampines
7) Preferably $400; $500 if it's an excellent place it too much to ask?

Please let me know if you have recommendations.

If it's a nice place i don't mind a 1 year contract and if it's really good i don't mind considering 2 years.
...since 14 April 2005