Monday, June 27, 2005


What do you do when you are asked "Are you a virgin?"
1) Change the topic then run and hide;
2) Freak out and stare wide-eyed;
3) Lie through your teeth, depending on who asks;
4) Speak the truth with pride.

Are you viewed in a different light if you are, or are not, sexually experienced? Dank found out (with a little surprise) that there are people who view "experience" favourably. "She doesn't want to do it for the first time and have it end in 20 seconds", "She wants to be able experiment, and not lie there waiting for him to figure out what to do next", etc.

Have you ever thought about it?

In Singapore where kids live with their parents (almost) all their lives, where sex education is taught in secondary schools at the age of 15 primary school at the sweet and innocent age of 12 (thanx Mich for the update), where sex is a generally taboo subject... is there value in anything, or is it your reputation and expertise that counts?

Being able to say
"i've only loved one person in my life"
"i will wait till marriage for sex"
"i've never had lust for another girl/guy"
...does it matter to you?

Dank should mention this is a random ramble...

A Bad Day?

It seems more like A Bad Everyday:

I will be transferring to another desk, again.
I am broke; $800 credit card bills, rent to pay, only $400 in the bank.
I feel alone; acquaintances aplenty but friends are few.
I had a bad haircut and only one packet of rice to eat today.

The only possible bright spark in view:
I might be going to Darwin in July for 6 weeks; working trip. Might.

I should mention i'm feeling melancholic these few days...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Singaporean Navy Officer

"You are a Singaporean Navy Officer.
The officers of no other Navy in the world can make that statement.
Think about it."
...adapted from Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Saturday Night Alive!

Met new people today... (the revered) MrBrown, KennySia, George, FinickyFeline, SassyJan, ScarlettTing, saw XiaXue in person (i didn't introduce myself 'cos she was busy with her other pals), and met up with met-before Sandra, MakanGuru, Vincent, TriplePeriod, MrMiyagi and Belinda.

Initially i was alone at Wala, sitting at the table watching the people on the street below with a glass of beer in hand; Pathetic? Peaceful. While awaiting the band to begin their good music, a table was vacated and i took it. As i sat down and looked up towards the crowd, a familiar face shot me a surprised "Hey! what you doing here alone?" look; it was Sandra. That's how i met Sandra, then MakanGuru and Vincent there. 2litres of beer later TriplePeriod arrived to give us a lift to Hideout where i met the rest of them.

After Hideout we saw first-hand the happenings of a gang-brawl right across the street from where we were enjoying our plates of prata and teh-pengs; glass bottles broken on heads, pool cues being wielded and all... even got police car come leh! But then the police came 5min late. They attempted to enter by the back door of the pub-at-large while the gang re-appeared and started to face-off, quarrelling next to the patrol car. How ironic, but amusing nonetheless... =)

It was nice to have met them tonight, fun people with their cameras-a-flashing. -blurry eyed-

I should mention they're great company...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

For all you lazy people...

Dank's dream invention (for today): the RoboMop!

What is it?
A rechargeable-battery-operated ball entrapped in a roundish cage (with a dry dust cloth affixed to the bottom of the cage) which rolls around the floor of your room/house wiping the floor clean of dirt.

Why does Dank like it?
It is Dank's dream cleaning contraption:
Simply switch it ON, put it down, and the RoboMop cleans the floor.

So good meh?
No need to replace the batteries; it runs on rechargeables!
No need to sweep or mop your floor again; it cleans the floor for you!
No need to worry about dirty floors; it cleans 98% of the floor area!
No need to reach under furniture; it (height 8.5cm) reaches under!
Most important of all...
No need to lift a finger to clean the floor; just relax and be lazy!

Presenting the RoboMop...
Dank's dream contraption: the RoboMop!
[left] Before first use; [right] After first use
RoboMop Clean RoboMop Dirty

After an hour the floor is 98% clean (as stated on the box);
you still have to clean the 2% uncleaned by the RoboMop.

Want more advertising fodder?
"Why Buy RoboMop" from the RoboMop website.

Dank should mention he paid $50 to be lazy...

Friday, June 24, 2005

...and counting.

The fight against those darned Mosquitos:
18 mosquito bites (past 3hrs)... and counting.
5 killed (past 3hrs)... and counting.

I should mention that i've got IPPT at 730am...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Book? Read.

Read read read read... read read read.

I should mention i've finally started reading...

-update 210605, 2315H-

Finished reading finished reading... finished reading.

I should mention i've finished my first (non textbook) book in 10 years...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

One Puff.

That's all i took: one puff.

To be able to say "I've tried it and i've decided not to smoke".
So that they can't say "You've never tried it, you don't know".

I should mention it was just an experiment...

A spaceship?

Or is it another revolving restaurant in Singapore? No. The entire 9th floor of the futuristic-looking building is a circular spaceship-shaped level, home to the Supreme Court's Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court of Singapore
"The Supreme Court of Singapore, which consists of the Court of Appeal and the High Court, sits at the apex of Singapore's judicial system."

Located opposite Parliament House (and opposite Funan), the Supreme Court is technologically-advanced, with modern purpose-built resources to facilitate the administration of justice in Singapore. The new building opens its doors operationally on 20 June 2005 (ChannelNewsAsia news article).

Find out more or take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court of Singapore website.

I should mention i haven't been to that area in months, i didn't even know the new building existed...

Enjoyed the nights

Dank enjoyed.

Fryday night, Barcelona for a bottle of wine, then to Hideout for 4 mugs of Heineken with Andrea and Victor. Was introduced to Miyagi and Darryl, and headed back at 5am high and lost; Dank enjoyed the night.

Saturday night, Dank was introduced to TriplePeriod, Vincent, OneLittleTwit (the fairy), Joelle, and the one who graciously invited, Sandralicious. He sat down and got to know them, listened to great live music at Wala-Wala with 4 mugs of Hoegaarden ($17 x3 + 1for1), 2 mugs of Erdinger ($18.80 x2) and a plate of fries ($6), then to Maggi Goreng and a Teh Peng; Dank enjoyed the night. Cheers, new friends!

Do the people mentioned want their photos shown?

Dank should mention he enjoyed their company thoroughly...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The Enemy
Size of Enemy: 1cm x 1cm
Numbers: Uncountable, assumed unlimited supply of troops
Transport: Individually winged soldiers
Command and Control: Individual Diptera intelligence
Weapon: Spears carried by each soldier
Poison: Anticoagulating agent injected upon attack
Effect of poison: Swelling causing itch and scratching
Result of effect of poison: Death by itch and scratching
Common Name: Mosquito
Scientific Name: Aedes Albopictus
Gender: Female

Weapon of choice

Mosquito Mat Vaporiser, providing 12 hours of continuous protection per Mat, keeping the enemy at bay and destroying the enemy under prolonged exposure. With refillable Mats of protection available at $8 for 60 Mats, this provides a cost-effective way of ensuring a good night's rest.

I should mention that this is NOT an advertisement...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Motorcycle and I

Over the weekend (Sat & Sun) i attended all four 1hr40min long theory/riding lessons, marking the theoretical start to attaining my motorcycle license. One particular instructor was relating a lot of gruesome motorbike stories to the class: "traffic accident causing a hairline crack on his backbone which prevents him from riding a motorcycle", "friend who died in a motorcycle accident", "pedestrians killed by motorcyclist", and lots of old newspaper articles showing motorcycle accidents and their riders/pillions flying".

Are they all instructed to scare their students into quitting even before touching a motorbike?

Today i undertook the first practical riding lesson... i actually rode a motorbike; it was surprisingly simple! I can still hear the instructor repeating "close throttle, clutch, brrrreeeak". Simple stuff today: move the bike, dis/mount, starting/stopping, moving off and braking, riding in circles on first gear. Quite exciting! HA.

There was this one guy in our group of five who fell over twice, and almost crashed into the fence; i think the poor guy had a bad sense of coordination. I gave him ample room whenever he was near. We finished the 1hr40min lesson and left.

I'm eating a Subway ColdCutTrio at the moment -hungry-

I should mention i'm looking forward tomy motorcycle license...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I Declare WAR!

The past two nights have been sleepless, only because of the everpresence of mosquitos in my room.

Catch 22...
Close the windows/door to keep the mozzies out, perspire myself to irritafiablex.
Open the windows/door to ventilate/cool the room, mozzie-bite myself to irritafiablex.
Note: "Irritafiablex" is "death by irritation" according to Dank

So that's the story of my past two nights of 3hrs (max) per night because half the night is spent turning over in bed, attempting to keep the blanket cover mosquito-tight, getting up to switch on the light and mosquito ambush, etc. It isn't easy.

I should mentionthat "a couple" of mozzie-bites are ok, but if they come in swarms and leave your hand half bitten... you don't want to be there.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Off Sailing, a-drinking

Thursday-Saturday: Drink
Monday-Thursday: Sail
Fryday-Saturday: Drink

...i've had more to drink in the last two weeks than my entire life add together!

I just got back from yet another night of dinner and drinks with my friends from the USS Rodney M. Davis. It was an enjoyable time with them.

Gordon Dank Brian Brian Lara Gordon
3 of us and an English couple Dank Lara

They will be missed when they leave Singapore on Monday, but they will be back 30th June and i hope they'll call me up for dinner/drinks when they return!

I should mention it's been a nice two weeks in their company...

Monday, June 06, 2005


"Dank's not available from Monday till Thursday, he's gone outstation.
Please leave a message and he'll get back to you as soon as he returns, or not."

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dinner, and then some...

Jumbo seafood restaurant for a nice 8-dish seafood dinner with Amy, Stefanie, Lara, J.J, Scopa, Xing and Cheng. I ordered the dishes and filled their tummies with local favorites Chili and Pepper Crabs, Steam SeaBass, Fried MiniSquid, KaiLan in OysterSauce, Drunken and Cereal Prawns and Geoduck. They loved the food despite the mess, or at least they said they did.

A short walk across the road and we landed at a pub for 3 rounds of drinks. An hour after we hopped over to IndoChine for 2 more rounds.

Seafood Dinner at Jumbo along Clarke Quay [left photo]: Chili & Pepper Crabs, Drunken Prawns, Steamed Seabass, BabyKailan, and more. That's us [right photo] after dinner: Lara, JJ, Dank, Bryan, Cheng, Yong, Stefanie, Amy.
Seafood Dinner Them after Dinner
Bryan, Lara, Dank [left photo]. Great guys these two are... really great company! JJ brought FatBstd for a night out, and he was indeed enjoying himself [right photo] too!
Bryan, Lara, Dank FatBstd
JJ couldn't resist getting FatBstd to take a photo with two lovely ladies who worked at that pub [left AND right photo].
JJ Lady2 JJ & Lady2
That's JJ [left photo]. Dave (?), Kirk (?) and myself [right photo]; I can't even the remember the names of those two from the USS Paul Hamilton...
JJ Dave? Kirk? Dank.
One of the three ladies onboard, Ms Lara [left photo].
[right photo] The four ladies sitting opposite us in IndoChine; were they constantly looking over at us, or was it Samantha who trying to identify me?
Lara... 3guys, 4ladies

I should mention i'm enjoying their company more and more...

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Molly Malone's, Day 2
Two slices of pizza onboard, then off to Molly Malone's with Amy, Stefanie, Lara, Airboss, Jay, Jim, Yongzhi and ChengHeng for drinks. Emma wasn't there that night, thankfully for her (what with Airboss teasing me about her so much), but the company was good all the same! Them guys are great!

Amy Dank Stefanie JimMurphy & ChengHeng
Dank & Jay Jay Dank Airboss
Lara kissing Dank Dank & Lara
JimMurphy.. out cold Cinderella Liberty, ready to go back in the van

I should mention that i think i've drunk more alcohol in the past 3 days than in the past 3 years...

Friday, June 03, 2005

First Night Out.

Thursday night was unlike any other Thursday night in recent weeks. It was a night out with the Americans he was liaising with; it was the first of many...

After work, Dank got his gear packed up and into his colleagues car, and they went for drinks with the Americans who were in town. Dinner at RennThai, then drinks at Molly Malone's.

They're a great bunch: warm, friendly, and wonderful company! They make Dank's job so much easier 'cos they're just so fun to be with, yet serious when it comes to business. The Airboss takes good care of Dank, and the others really treat Dank very well too... Dank's fortunate to have been assigned to take care of this company of people, and not any other. =)

After dinner the restroom along Clarke Quay allows Sam a fascinating encounter with the hand-drier [left photo], then they settle at Molly Malone's for drinks, good music, and great company [right photo].
Hand-dryer Irish Car Bomb

Them four officers: Scopa, Sam, Airboss and J.J. [left photo]. Airboss, he who said "10 years he'll be Chief" man, wouldn't allow Dank to leave without having a photo taken with Emma [right photo].
Scopa, Sam, Airboss, J.J. Emma & Dank
...more photos to come...

Dank should mention he enjoys their company, a lot...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Did You Know? Oglefact

...that "10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30 minute aerobics workout" ?

Sanity Check Point was Tomorrow-ed and Dank read the thread "Who Say Oggling is Bad".

Dank should mention he needs to cut down on his ogling if he is to keep his plan (to die by 30) intact...


That's me, a graduant;
after the final results, before the transcript.

Today my recent semester's results were released:
B for a graded module,
Pass for a Pass/Fail module, and
B+ for my Thesis paper.

Final Honours grade?
Degree in Computer Science,
Minor in Technopreneuship,
2nd Class (Lower) Honours,
with a CAP of 3.67

Am i happy? I don't know...
I've completed university, i'm a graduant, and i'm working. Thanx for the ride in NUS, now it's time to ride the work trip.

I should mention it's been a too short (but fun) period of 4 years...


Some USA people came in on Monday and Dank was there to welcome them. He stood out in the sun for 4 hours waiting for them to come, with no shade, all alone, and just a pair of sunglasses to shield his eyes; he's sunburnt (half arm each side, the face from sunglasses downwards, and a little below the neck).

Dank's job for these two weeks is to make sure them USA people are comfortable during their stay, and to make their life here as comfortable as possible. Punctuality at meetings, correct venue of conferences, etc... that's Dank's responsibility. He got to know lots of Americans in the process, and making new friends everyday.

There was a dinner reception tonight hosted by them and it was quite a night of shaking hands, makign new friends, good conversation, and lots of beer, wine and food. They've even invited Dank out to a night out tomorrow... perhaps in their drunkedness? They'll figure tomorrow when they're sober.

For now Dank is staying over at a friend's place 'cos it's nearer to work... for tonight.

Dank should mention he's had 5 beers and 2 glasses of wine tonight... -burp-
...since 14 April 2005