Monday, July 31, 2006

Passion (n)

Definition: A powerful emotion; Ardent love.

Do you have passion for your job?
Do you have passion for your friends?
Do you have passion for your hobbies
Do you have passion for anything?
What is your passion?

I find i like to ask questions, don't you agree? (yet another question)

Will your friends tell you when you do wrong? Will your friends help mould you into a better person? If you live life without looking within yourself, how do you improve? I feel that asking self-critical questions opens our eyes to the life we live and gives us a life-mirror so that we can correct the flaws we have that we don't normally notice without a mirror.

If you said "My passion is sleeping, or eating, or watching TV, or slacking, or playing computer games", think about your purpose in life. There is nothing wrong with having those as your passion in life, as long as you choose it so. Enjoy your life!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Work AND Play

Or should it be "Work OR Play"?

When you start work, do you enjoy play?
When you start work, can you play?

Do you work for...
Present Survival
(i.e. simply to bring home money in order to feed/clothe/shelter/pamper yourself), or
Short-Term Benefit
(i.e. your pay raise at the end of the year, accomplishment satisfaction), or
Future Success
(i.e. boss' vision of you becoming company CEO 10 years down the road)?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bali Dive Photos Uploaded!

1) Blueish Photos: Underwater photos are blueish due to the lack of sunlight reaching the depths at which the photos are taken (the red gets filtered away by the water).
2) Photo titles and descriptions: not updated yet, but in time they will be.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Away for Another 5

I'll be away from tonight till the morning of the 7th...

Working Trip; no photos, no leisure.

Diving in Bali

I'm back from my dive trip to Bali, Indonesia.

5 Days in Bali:
5 beach entry dives at Tulamben
1 night dive at Tulamben
2 boat entry dives at Nusa Penida

5 Dive Locations Visited:
Tulamben Wreck
Tulamben Paradise Reef
Tulamben Drop-Off
Nusa Penida, Manta Point
Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay

New Sights:
1 USAT Liberty wreck (140m Freighter)
1 Peacock Mantis Shrimp
1 Black Tip Reef Shark
4 Yellow Ribbon Eels
10+ Manta Rays
and the usual other stuff like Nudibranchs, Shrimps, Crabs, Fish, Morays, Corals...

Photos will be posted soon uploaded!
...since 14 April 2005